No Links Left Behind: Getting the Most From Your Link Building Opportunities

28 Aug


With advertising costs taking up a significant amount of marketing budgets, businesses are looking for affordable ways to use the internet for outreach to new and existing customers. Consumers have also become savvier, avoiding traditional banner ads on websites in favor of social sharing, peer recommendations, following brands, and reader comments. As a result, more companies are using inbound marketing techniques like website content, blog posts, and social media to connect with audiences on the web. However, posting on these platforms is only the first step in a successful marketing campaign. In order to maximize these opportunities marketers must take advantage of hyperlinks embedded within online text such as product descriptions, blog posts, and LinkedIn company profiles.

Links are an essential part of SEO (search engine optimization). They connect sites and users and help them get the information they want. When you are developing web content you include a hyperlink to your product or service within the text. There are also backlinks where other people on other sites connect back to your site or blog. Backlinks give your content credibility and this credibility is important to building your ranking on sites like Google and Bing.
When you are writing text for a hyperlink it is important include keywords that describe the topic of its landing page. Search engines use this information to provide the most relevant results to users’ queries. The text in the hyperlink to your site tells the engine what your site is about and if it is relevant to the user’s query. The more relevant the text in the hyperlink is to what users are looking for the higher your page will rank on results pages.

Google uses an algorithm to track and measure the popularity, relevance, and credibility of your content when another site posts a link to your site. They count the number of backlinks to measure the popularity of your site. Google also evaluates how relevant your site is to the customer’s search, and examines the authority of the site connecting to your site. This criteria can affect your page ranking. The higher your page ranking the easier it will be for customers to find you and get the information they need to buy your product or service.

Article Name
No Links Left Behind: Getting the Most From Your Link Building Opportunities
Link building opportunities are a cost effective way to reach target audiences on the internet. Backlinks build your site’s credibility and generate traffic to your site from blogs and social sites like YouTube and LinkedIn. Search sites track them and having a lot of inbound traffic to your site can boost your rank among query results. Higher ranking increases the visibility of your product or service.

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